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This Project is Now Over.
Click HERE to see other projects hosted during 2010-2011.



Welcome to our "How 'Bout Them Apples" project 2010


This year's project will focus on apple facts & information. 

The online project participation has 2 options. 


The first option will be using Voice Thread to share information. 
The second option
will be collecting counts of seeds

inside apples and submitting the information
onto an online form.

Teachers are encouraged to use the lesson ideas at
Apples: A Class Act

Exceptional Apples


From Seed to Plant






Scales and measuring tape.

Camera and recording devices.
Magnifying glass

Voice Thread Link
Voice Thread Tutorial:  VoiceThreadTutorial2010.pdf

WebSite:  http://www.applejournal.com/use001.htm  (apple pictures and facts)

Our voice thread link


Encourage your students to discuss what they are learning about apples.
Provide them with tools to evaluate and examine the apples.


Take plenty of pictures.


Log onto the Voice Thread site and upload up to 5 pictures.

Have your students add comments to each page of the Voice Thread from the

information which they have already shared with each other.





1 apple per student  (it is up to the teacher whether he/she purchases
the apples or asks students to bring them in.  A variety of different apples is preferred.)

Paper Plates

Sharp Knife (teacher use only)

Post It Notes or Scrap Paper for guesses


Students will place ALL the apples in designated area.

Apples need to be divided up into 4 groups.  (Red, Green, Yellow, Mixed)

Students will guess how many seeds will be in each group of apples.

Students will need to guess how many seeds will be in all groups combined.

Students will record these guesses on post-its or scrap paper.


Teacher will group students into 4 groups.  (one per apple color)
Teacher will cut the apples in 1/2 and have students count the seeds for their group's color.
Students will record the complete seed count for their apple group.


When all seeds have been counted.  Students will compare their estimates with the
actual counts (in both color and combined groups).

Teachers are invited to extend this activity to their grade level.
Teacher will record each Apple Color Group Count and also Complete Count and
submit results on the result page.


Result page will be available on August 16, 2010


More extension Activities can be found HERE!


 This Project is Now Over.




Images used on this site were PURCHASED

at Thistlegirl designs.  Please do not COPY/PASTE onto your own site.
You will need to purchase your own set.






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